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Saturday, July 29, 2006

How much dumber can we get?

It's no wonder the world makes fun of us. We act like girls who try to make themselves look dumb so boys will like them. We do stupid stuff so the world will be our friend. I'm only assuming that that's what we're doing because the more I look around at what's on television and in the newspaper, it's the only thing that makes sense to me. Otherwise, why on earth would we spend 3 days talking about Connie Chung singing? Yes, I said 3 days. Now, I fully expected those late night guys to jump on the story because that's their job. The story is stupid fluff and right up their alley in terms of things to talk about. I also expected my morning and nightly news teams to mention it, notice how I say MENTION it, not report on it. It's not news! But for 2 days after the initial day of reporting, they were still talking about it. I have seen less news coverage on a child of color that has been abducted. Think I'm kidding? I wish I were. Think about how many extended news coverage stories you see about missing or abducted children of color. Then think about the Elizabeth Smart's, or Jon Benet Ramsey's or that Holloway chick that the news endlessly reports on night after night. Do you mean to tell me that there aren't ANY missing children of color out there? Only the blonde haired white girls are coming up missing? I find that very hard to believe, but then it doesn't surprise me. I guess we really indentify with them because we are trying to act like them. This is a country in which we talk about whether or not Superman is gay. No, not as part of a funny segment on a late night talk show or as a sketch on Mad TV or SNL, but as an actual serious program where 2 more people actual discuss and debate whether or not a fictitious character is gay! We have nothing else to talk about except whether or not Superman is gay? Are you serious?! How about we talk about why there are so many homeless in this country of excess? How about we talk about why people of color are more likely to be searched when pulled over? Speaking of which, I got lost one night in Beverly Hills and was pulled over by the police. After they let me go, I wondered, Why in the hpatrollinghey patroling Beverly Hills? Are they afraid Muffy and Buffy might have a shoot out over who's prettier? Why don't the police patrol where there's crime. I bet they'd catch a lot more criminals if they concentrated their efforts of patrol in high crime areas.

It amazes me that the police can't figure out who the drug dealers are. I know who the drug dealers are. Why aren't they pulling over that 19 year old driving a Mercedes Benz, but doesn't have a job. There's your drug dealer. Me in my Saturn, probably not.


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Very funny--good work

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