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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Who Wants To Be A Loser?

Apparently this is what I am since I tried out for "Millionaire" today, but did not pass the test. I'm really not sure how I couldn't have passed because I felt really good about it. I knew the majority of the answers. I'm baffled. What's worse is I had to file out with the other people who you could just look at and tell that they weren't going to make it. I HATE being lumped together with the short man and his bad toupee and the leather dude with the handlebar mustache. I'm not saying that you can't be into leather AND have a brain. I'm just saying that this dude with the blank stare was obviously not going to make it on the show.

Then of course there are those folks that no matter what score they got are not going to be allowed on the show. I really don't want to talk badly about people, but let's face it, you can be a nerd and be on a game show, but you can't be ugly! Have you ever seen an ugly person on a game show? And no, I don't mean in the audience at The Price Is Right because there are plenty of ugly people out there and never hear the announcer dude call them down. It'd be embarrassing. "Would 'insert the name of an ugly person you know here' come on down!" You are the next...whoa, wait a second...I'm sorry there must be some mistake. I think I misread the card. They told me to always wear my glasses. Here they are...Yes, of course, "Would 'insert the name of a not so ugly person you know here' come on down!" They couldn't do that because the person would always wonder if it was their appearance that made them recall their name like a Dell laptop battery. And that would make them feel like a loser. Well, they'd be welcome to join the club.


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