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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm K-fed up!

For all of you 20 something and up adults out there who may not have been aware, the Teen Choice Awards were televised the other day on FOX. If any of you have kids able to speak in coherent sentences then you probably didn't see them for the three hours they were in front of the television, but I'm sure you heard their squeals. Apparently, the big attraction of the night was Kevin Federline closing the show and being introduced by his trailer ho, Britney Spears. Only someone who hasn't gone through puberty could possibly find this exciting. Anyway, even my pre-teen wasn't interested in this broadcast so that's got to tell you something.

I was reading the news as I do everyday on MSN.com and I saw something about Kevin Federline being mocked by the hip-hop community. I figured they were mocking him because of the fact that he left his pregnant girlfriend for Britney Spears. Even in the hip-hop community where there all kinds of baby mamas out there that's cold. No, I read that they were mocking him because of his performance. So my wife who was reading over my shoulder said, "Oh, we've GOT to see this!" I concurred. We immediately went to Youtube.com and found the footage of K-Fed's (his hip-hop stage name) performance.

It looked like a performance by an amateur musician who won a contest to perform on the Teen Choice Awards. And really I'm not just saying this, but it is the worst performance I have ever seen by anyone in my life and that includes William Hung. It was so bad that Vanilla Ice said, "I'm making a comeback!" The Taliban called off another proposed attack on the US because that performance already bombed. Ashley Simpson sent him a thank you note because it made her SNL flub look like a grammy winning performance.

It just further proves that if you are married to someone with money or have money yourself, you can do whatever the fuck you want to. OK, after this can we now stop giving these people the media time that we give them? Can we please only report on them when one of them dies? I don't really care about Britney and her babies, or Kevin and his partying or anyone else in these Hollywood circles. They seem to be a ubiquitous part of our culture like herpes. And we keep infecting our youth with this stupidity. It's really no wonder that America is so dumded down which I've already bitched about before so don't get me started...


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