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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Where have I been?!!

It would seem that in the last 6 months I would have something to write about. I'm sure I have, but I've been too preoccupied with trying to make some money to care about comedy. That's not true. I spent some time getting ready for the Chicago Improv Festival in which my sketch comedy group, Soul Fools performed. This is our third year performing in the show and we had a good crowd and a great show. This was right after the first of year. So what's been my excuse since then? Well, lately there hasn't really been anything that tickles my fancy. Mostly I find things irritating or aggravating. I find the fact that the media and Republicans are doing their very best to discredit Barak Obama any way they can ridiculous. Next thing they'll try to say is that he stepped on a crack and broke his mama's back. Just stupid. I find the fact that NASA let a crazy astronaut into their space program asinine. The new crazy test for NASA should be showing them a picture of their lover and their lover's lover and seeing their reaction. If their response is to throw on a wig and a diaper, kick them out of the program...immediately. And now this massacre at Virginia Tech. Seriously, the dude practically had crazy tattooed on his forehead. Why didn't the men in white coats come and get him? Stupid! I'm just not laughing much these days because there's too much stupid stuff going on. Go figure.


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